About Us

Of a population of over a billion people only 3% of Indians invest or trade directly in the stock market. Why is that?

Lack of knowledge? Lack of time? Aversion to risks?

What’s the solution to this? Tell everyone to just invest in Mutual Funds to build a healthy financial nest egg? Sure, but is that the only solution?

These questions had us debating for months and that’s how we came up with Hedged - a radically distinct Algorithm and A.I (Proprietary Tech build by Hedged Team) powered investment and trading platform that provides machine driven research advice, customised investment products that have never been seen before and a plethora of tech-driven tools that ensure precision trading and protection from large market risks.

Hedged was conceptualised and created by a diverse group of hedging experts, PhD statisticians, technical architects, seasoned investors and traders who have a combined experience spanning over a century under their belt. More than 150 years in fact amongst them !

    Should you trust technology to tell you how to manage your money?

Technology is already making our lives so much easier, from shopping recommendations, to food choices, movies to watch and even friend suggestions on social media, we’ve seen tech help narrow down the sea of choices and provide personalised solutions. Then why not with our money ?

The technology that powers Hedged not only empowers the retail population to make smarter decisions but also makes sure that it is one of its kind in terms of its safety nets.

And our journey doesn’t just end here, because we plan to continue to build a series of tech that will always ensure the small traders and investors in this country have a fighting chance at success in this complex financial jungle.

Hedged will always strive to ensure that its motto, "For the love of retail" is always upheld and part of its core driving force.

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  • What makes Hedged different from other investment platforms?

    Hedged's AI-based stock trading platform offers unique features such as machine-driven research advice, customized investment products, and tech-driven tools for precision trading and protection from market risks. It sets itself apart from traditional stock market advisory platforms.

  • Can I trust AI technology to manage my money?

    With Hedged's AI technology, you can trust that your investments are managed by an intelligent system backed by safety nets. It offers personalized option trading advisory services to empower retail investors to make smarter investment decisions.

  • What kind of experience does the team behind Hedged have?

    The Hedged team includes seasoned investors, traders, and technical experts, including PhD statisticians and hedging experts, with over a century of combined experience. This diverse team brings expertise to Hedged's stock market advisory platform.

  • How does Hedged help small traders and investors in the country?

    Hedged's AI-based investment platform offers personalized services such as stock market advisory, empowering small traders and investors to make informed investment decisions. Its unique approach is backed by safety nets and a commitment to "For the love of retail."

  • Does Hedged offer personalized investment products?

    Yes, Hedged's AI-based investment platform offers personalized investment products, thanks to its proprietary algorithm and AI technology. Its option trading advisory services and precision trading tools make it a one-of-a-kind investment platform.