Questions about Hedged

  • What is HedgedTM?

    HedgedTM is a revolutionary new Algorithm and A.I (Proprietary Tech build by Hedged Team) based research advisory platform built for the retail population of India. Of a population of over a billion people, only 3% of Indians invest or trade directly in the stock market. Why is that? Lack of knowledge? Lack of time? Aversion to risks? The Hedged application actually solves all these problems with 1 platform.

  • Who is Hedged for?

    For everybody! Any trader who is constantly losing money or any investor who is not happy with the returns they make from their investments. Or even for a beginner who has the passion to start but is not sure on how to go about doing it.

  • Do I have to pay for any services on the app?

    The trading and investing ideas generated on the HedgedTM platform are ‘Completely Free’ under the free section of the app, all-around the year. No need to pay anything! However, for users who wish to learn the logic behind our trades and also want to take their trading and investing skills and results to the next level, there are paid subscriptions available too.

  • What extra will I get for a subscription to Hedged Prime?

    Along with all the services offered to Free users, Prime users get separate low risk trades on Bank nifty. They also get access to ‘Trade Logic’ – A service that tells you the logic behind the trades that our algorithms give. Apart from this, The Hedged Prime subscription gives you access to premium Live Funds – India’s first Micro sized Investment fund with built in hedges.

  • What extra services will I get for a subscription to Crown?

    Along with all the services offered to Free and Prime users, the Hedged Crown members get professional-grade trading ideas from industry hedging experts and an altogether different set of algorithms. These are trading strategies that you won’t find commonly anywhere and have a history of being safer in nature as well.

  • How does Hedged work?

    There is an entire tutorial on the Hedged app and how it works under the Hedged TV section, but let us try and give you a short gist right here as well!

    The Hedged algorithmic system ‘A.I.R’ generates Trading and Investing ideas on Equity and Options which are then seen on the app. Updates and modifications on each and every Live trade and Live Fund are provided to your devices through notifications and on the bell icon in the app. Right from when the trade is generated right up to when the trade closes, the user is given a step-by-step guide to what has to be done for their positions.

  • How do I sign-up for Hedged?

    Download the Hedged app from the Play store or Apple store and register using your basic information such as your E-mail ID and Mobile number. That’s it! No payment, no time waste! Just start taking positions in less than 60 secs.

  • How much capital do I need to take the Trading ideas given on the Hedged platform?

    The minimum capital required would be Rs 1000 for the equity trades and Rs 20,000 for the Hedged Options trades.

  • What are Live FundsTM?

    Live FundsTM are one of the most unique investment types that India has ever seen and guess what, it takes only 5 mins a month for you to manage them!

    A Live fund is a micro-sized investment fund with built-in hedges. What this essentially means is that each Live fund would give you a set of 3-7 stocks to invest in for the medium term just like a mutual fund would do, with the added benefit of adding a hedged leg whenever our algorithms detect an onset on a correction or crash.

  • What is Hedged TV?

    Hedged TV is a Mini YouTube for Trading and Investing. It is an OTT for Finance, we thought that since there are OTT’s for series, OTT’s for sports and news, we must create one exclusively for Traders and Investors.

  • What if I have a query on a particular Hedged Idea given on the app?

    All the trading ideas given on the Hedged platform are selfaq-explanatory with detailed notes. So, we doubt this would happen. But if you still have a question, come knocking on our door and write to us on and we’ll get cracking on your question.

  • How do I know if the Hedged Results published on the app are genuine or not?

    Ah ! The most important question to ask!

    All the results shown on the Hedged Platform are audited by Third-party company. In fact, the company that audits our trade results also audits one of the largest companies in India as well.

  • Can I also be a part of the Hedged team?

    If you feel you have the passion for helping the retail participation in our country and having the necessary skills, do come knocking on our door, as we are constantly looking to grow our team until we reach a combined experience of 1000 years and are able to make a large enough difference through our reliable advice, radical technology, and Rive through tools.

  • Do I have to track the trades on the Hedged app to receive a notification or update?

    Yes, If you are a free user, you will have to select the ‘Track this’ button on the app so as to be updated with any modification or updates on any particular trading or investing idea.

  • I am a premium user of Hedged, do I still need to track trades to get notifications?

    No, if you are a Hedged Prime or Hedged Crown member on the platform, you need not select the Track this button for the set of ideas that come there. All your updates and notifications will automatically come. Only for the ideas given in the free section, you will need to track them.

  • What happens if I miss a notification for a particular position/Idea?

    We recommend the trade be checked upon immediately once the notification hits your device. However, if the user sees the notification at a later time and the price is still in and around the same levels, the user can still use the information given there. Moreover, all the notifications are mentioned on the bell icon on the home page of the app as well for quick reference.

  • In Live FundsTM, if I miss taking the Hedge leg, is it ok?

    Live Funds take us only 5 mins a month to manage them. Hence, we always recommend you follow the updates given on the app and take all necessary legs to protect your portfolio.

  • Can I place my orders directly from the Hedged App?

    Coming Soon!

  • What if the SL of a trading idea is hit and I miss the update?

    It is the responsibility of the users to follow all the updates on the trades and ideas and take the necessary action as and when suggested by Hedged.

  • How do I subscribe to Hedged Prime or Hedged Crown?

    Once you login into the Hedged app, you can pay by selecting the subscribe button at the button of the app. Payment can be made through UPI, Net banking, or Credit or Debit cards.

  • Can I get a refund once I have subscribed to Hedged Crown or Hedged Prime?

    No. Once you have subscribed to either plan, there is no refund applicable under any circumstance.